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We are usually asked about:

Plugin supported woocommerce?

Yes. It is plugin of wordpress and works with Woocommerce.

I can use any theme of WordPress?

Yes. You can install and use any theme of WordPress.

Didn’t find the answer ?

If you can’t fint your question, Please send questions to us.

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  1. Is there a preview of the backend?
    Can you insert a canvas, in the backend? E.g. if I want to customize panties

  2. for us and many others it would be useful to have the option to curve, arch, bridge, valley. pinch, bulge, roof and wedge text effect. Is this possible for the next update?

  3. Sres.
    ¿Es posible cambiar la apariencia de la interface? (color de lineas y tipografias). gracias.

    Is it possible to change the appearance of the interface? (color lines and typefaces). Thank you.

  4. Hello Admin, thanks for the plugin.

    But I am having some issues. When I add a color to a product from tshirt ecommerce product design tab, I set images for front and back and set prices. e.g I have added two colors white ($10) and Black ($20). The Regular price for the product was $20.

    Now at the front end, the price does not change when selecting white color. It always remains $20.

    Any Help will be appreciated.

    • Hi, It is change price when you click load or add to cart.

      I updated new version 3.0.1. You can go to admin and update it. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the quick response.

    I have one more question – Is there any possibility that we can have additional price when user select to design on back end of t-shirt rather than the additional prices of per color added.

    Best Regards.

  6. Awesome product!!!
    I’m a screen printer. The only thing this is missing (or probably me) is where to place screen/color set up fees.

    How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Hello,

    I’ve been trying to contact you for days now and nobody is replying to me. I need support please. After i have updated the configurator gives me an internal error.

    Please advise

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