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Campaign & Groupon is a system which allow designer register, open a store and sale product with Groupon on your website.


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Note: This addon only supported Wordpress and Opencart.

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Product Description

System have 4 options and you can choose one option on your site.

  1. Campaign & Groupon: (checked “Group Sale” and “Campaign“)

    Designer design product, setup sales goal, profit, time end campaign. System will show price sell and % discount.

  2. Campaign: (uncheck “Group Sale” and checked “Campaign“)

    Designer design and open campaign same site

  3. Groupon: (checked “Group Sale” and uncheck “Campaign“)

    Allow designer design product, setup sales goal, profit, time and sell with groupon. When customer buy product, price of product will be discount by the quantity of product sold out. When customer purchase the first time, they will prepaid from 10- 100% ( depend on admin config) basic value. After campaign finish, system will send final price to each customer’s email. Customer will pay the remain money to buy product.

  4. No Campaign & No Groupon: (uncheck “Group Sale” and uncheck “Campaign“)

    Designer create store on website, create design and sale product. Not setup time and sales goal.


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    Yeah, a Cool Idea, perfectly what a looked for. But… not for this Price…

  2. (verified owner):

    this addon is not working properly and need an urgent update to fix many bugs

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