Campaign & Groupon

addon Campaign and Groupon of T-Shirt eCommerce

What's Campaign & Groupon

Campaign & Groupon is a system which allow designer register, open a store and sale product with Groupon on your website.


  1. Design a product, creating a campaign.
    • Add info product with title, description, tags, url
    • Setup brokerage fee for product ( profit on each product)
    • Setup period for  campaign
  2. Advertising, marketing
    • ads, share, email
  3. Selling

    Price of product will be discount by the quantity of product sold out. When customer purchase the first time, they will prepaid from 10- 100% ( depend on admin config) basic value. After campaign finish, system will send final price to each customer’s email. Customer will pay the remain money to buy product.

    Example for brokerage  fee setup: $1/sold

    Quantity 1-5 6-10 11-30 31-50 51-70 > 70
    Basic Price $32 $30 $28 $25 $20 $15
    Sale Price $33 $31 $29 $26 $21 $16
  4. Receiving money from each campaign


Admin shop

  1. Check design: Allow or not allow designer sell design
  2. Campaign finish
    • Manufacturing product
    • Shipping to customer
    • Pay brokerage fee for designer

Add-on is new idea, we want to make a survey about customer’s attention to this function. After complete, we will provide it to customer, who help us testing and giving us some idea with highly discount. We hope you can help us complete and improving this function.  Thank you!

UI & Layout

User Shop

Shop of each designer with list campaigns


Admin dashboard of designer

Design Tool

This page allow design product and open campaign.

Campaign Info

List Campaign

This page show all campaigns of designer.

Campaign Dashboard

Edit Campaign

List Order of Campaign

Marketing of Campaign

History of Campaign


  1. is this campaign “SELLS”….. come from our personal website or do you have to sell through…… or is that just the name.

  2. i bought this and their is many bugs in, for example, after adding product , compaign manager can’t see the product with the name of his store, and product is not displayed under store tab

  3. Hello! I like this product very much, but when I met with comments, I was a little worried. Do you sell in the Evavto market?

  4. Hi,

    I am looking to buy this plugin but I wanted to confirm the below points before confirming the order.
    1. Facebook Pixel and Google Tracking supported at campaigners ?
    2. Can I alter the dimension of the design window(where we add custom text on tshirt) in the designing tool and also vary price based on the dimension of the design ?
    3. Can I capture the dimension of the design set by the designer ?


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