T-Shirt eCommerce is full system ecommerce was built on CodeIgniter framework and Javascript. It is powerful system with smart cart, payment, drag and drop build site…

Only $31

One time payment, NO Monthly Fees and NO Commissions


Create and Sale Any Type of Product

We are usually asked about:

Platform is support WordPress or Opencart?

No. This platform is full ecommerce with add to cart, checkout…You only buy, change your layout and run.

Module of Opencart: http://tshirtecommerce.com/opencart

Pluugin wordpress: http://tshirtecommerce.com/woocommerce

Requirements for servers

Your server need use PHP 5.3 + and support PHP Imagick.

If your server not active PHP Imagick, Please ask your host support install or active.

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  1. Hi,

    In Firefox, not show art to add.. But you see the preview, and work fine, I am using Ubuntu.
    Also sometimes when adding new products preview is not showing nor it is going to checkout page.
    can you help us out please?

  2. Ok, I’m getting frustrated now. I added the tshirtecommerce to my WordPress site with the woocommerce plugin. I also added the product to the tshirtecommerce and added that product onto the woocommerce inserting the http from the product in the tshirtcommerce onto the product in the woocommerce and the designer doesn’t appear when I click on the design link. I put in a ticket on the issue and I’m not getting a response. Will someone help?

    • Hi,

      You purchased version with PHP, not wordpress. So you can’t install and use in workdpress. If you want run wp you need buy again with version woocommerce

  3. Hello, I bought the tshirtecommerce with PHP and have been trying to add more fonts to feature in the custom designer but this function is not working on your PHP version. I have tried adding Google Fonts as well as manually uploading the Woff & ttf font files but neither are working. Can someone please help me figure out how to fix this?

  4. Hi, i interested to buy this in stranded Php form with few of other addons, i need few updates and some customization is it possible to do at my side or will u provide the customization service. the details i need is as fallows.
    1) i need to add multiple design areas on the tshirt, as we add a single print area from admin panel, can we add multiple in various shapes.
    2) i i required prcice calculation according to number of color used and design area size – is it possible to define in backed.
    3) if i set minimum purchase quantity, it should not go for checkout until required quantity is defined by user.
    4) as i add templates to design area, i need to separate the layers in the templates, is it possible ( you shown this in – your client tool – http://www.canvasmx.com)
    5) in the front end of the design tool it should show the print area size only when we press and hold the mouse button and also need to show center point of the print area.
    6) we need cut, copy, paste, duplicate, flip vertical, flip horizontal features to be displayed in a separate toolbar to in the dialog box of edit art, edit text, edit image.
    7) while creating designs, the added object should not go out of printable area, means as the object edges reaches to printable area borders it should disable the drag / re size function in tool.

  5. Hello team tshirtecommerce, I bought the plugin and my activity want there are several specific area of customization that are charged. tshirtecommerce gives me a single zone of customization.

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