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We are usually asked about:

What version of opencart module supported?

Module supported with opencart version: 1.5.4.X, 1.5.5.X, 1.5.6.X, 2.0.X, 2.2.X.

I can use other theme?

Yes. You can use any theme but you need custom some files. Please check detail in document.

Where I can update latest version?

Please go to admin > T-Shirt eCommcerce > Update check and update latest version.

I can use module " Quick Checkout"?

No. My module only support checkout default of opencart. If you want use other module checkout. You need custom some of code.

I can change language?

Yes. Module support change language in admin page. So it is easy to translate.

Please go to: admin > T-Shirt eCommerce > Settings > Configuration > Tab Translate language

Didn’t find the answer ?

If you can’t fint your question, Please send questions to us.

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  1. Hi,

    In Firefox, not show art to add.. But you see the preview, and work fine, I am using Ubuntu.
    Also sometimes when adding new products preview is not showing nor it is going to checkout page.
    can you help us out please?

  2. Perfect…/opencart
    but we need more options like:
    -Calculate with %
    -Live price update with all options
    -Allow admin to create design
    – with share options we can share just image with link but not link with product.
    – save design in .jpg format in admin panel.

    My engl. Is not good but i hope u can understand me 🙂

  3. Maybe good if you are a pro. I am not. I purchased all modules 2 x. (2nd by mistake)
    I confirmed that they would install for me. That took 2 or 3 week!!!
    I tried to set up. Ability to change colors did not work. I inquired. They said it was fixed in latest version. Are they so busy can’t remember guy who complained for a couple of weeks.
    You have my info update it for me.
    I am sorry could never get it functioning.
    I am wondering if language is an issue because questions and issues never seemed answers.
    That being said their demo seems to work and I am disappointed.

    I am surprised they do not offer paid help. Give your employees a change to work for extra but not eastern blueprint. Charge lots-pay little.

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